In 2013, 7 Tattoo Gallery was established and is the first local tattoo studio combined with an art gallery in the Ironbound district of Newark, New Jersey. The idea was positively embraced by the locals. 7 Tattoo Gallery continues to expand the community to this day with our knowledge of art. The crew of 7 Tattoo Gallery is willingly collaborating with the art community, exhibitions and city planned events to provide an outlet for everyone to enjoy. Here at 7 Tattoo Gallery, we provide a variety of art, from custom tattoos, paintings, art displays, and custom wall art. 





We strive with pride in our ability to give art, not only the physical display, but also in body art. In the form of tattoos and body piercings. 
We specialize in obtaining top quality custom tattoos, that fit your desires as well as body piercings. 



Hours of Operation


Sunday Closed

Monday 12pm - 9pm

Tuesday 12pm - 9pm

Wednesday 12pm - 9pm

Thursday 12pm - 9pm

Friday 12pm - 9pm

Saturday 12pm - 9pm


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